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Tianjin Port said recently that one of its container terminals, which is powered by many advanced and green solutions, such as the internet of things, has been put into use. The launch of such a terminal is a result of the port's wholehearted efforts in answering the nation's call in 2019 to further build the port into a pioneer among its peers in applying advanced technologies of IoT, big data and artificial intelligence technologies, and helping the nation achieve its carbon goals.



Home appliances became one of the three fastest growing sectors in terms of shipments on short-video platform Kuaishou during the platform's promotion campaign from Dec 24 to Jan 2, weeks ahead of the Chinese New Year, Caijing.com.cn reported on Thursday.



China's domestic and overseas tourism markets have witnessed their best business performances in three years during the Spring Festival break, after the government optimized the COVID-19 control measures.



China's catering market is expected to show a structural rebound during the Spring Festival, CCTV reported on Friday, citing a study by the China Chain Store & Franchise Association.The demand for fast food and tea drinks is projected to be relatively large in transportation hubs and tourist attractions, driven by the Spring Festival travel rush and the recovery of the tourism industry during the holiday.



At least eight provincial-level regions in China saw their total GDP exceed 5 trillion yuan ($737 billion) in 2022, with both Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces reaching over 12 trillion yuan, according to provincial government data.



Chinese consumers have shown vibrant purchasing power for exquisite and premium consumer goods, with their spending on imported and foreign-branded products becoming a key driver for upgraded consumption, according to industry insiders.



During the recently concluded holiday shopping season, the most downloaded shopping app in the United States was not Amazon, eBay or Etsy, but an online shopping platform launched about five months ago — Temu.



As Wandering Earth II, the sequel to China's most successful sci-fi epic, is well received in cinemas, the seemingly omnipotent industrial robots, a recurring presence in the film, offer a glimpse into the country's plan to be a global innovation hub for robotics.

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