Showcase of Top-notch Timepieces in Hong Kong
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European American Chamber of Commerce & Industry (EAcham) and Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) will cooperate with each other in September 2019. With its excellent resource platform, EAcham carries out a series of advertising and promotional campaigns in full range of multi-dimension online and offline for Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, and organize foreign buyers delegation to visit on 3-4th September 2019. Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair provides global exhibitors and buyers with ideal business platform to exchange trends and strengthen cooperation.


30 July 2019 – The HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair and the concurrent Salon de TE will be open during 3-7 September 2019 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). The five-day events will gather over 840 exhibitors from 23 countries and regions this year, including the new participation of Qatar. In 2018, the events welcomed more than 21,000 buyers from all over the world, reinforcing Hong Kong’s role as the trade hub of timepieces.

2019年7月30日 – 香港贸易发展局(香港贸发局)主办的香港钟表展,以及同期举行的「国际名表荟萃」将于2019年9月3至7日,一连五日在香港会议展览中心隆重举行。作为全球最大型的钟表展,今年预期吸引23国家及地区,超过840家参展商,当中包括新参展的卡塔尔展商。2018年钟表展吸引逾21,000名国际买家进场采购,引证香港作为全球钟表贸易之都的地位。

Distinguished Timepieces and Accessories at Watch & Clock Fair

Pageant of Eternity at the Watch & Clock Fair displays premium and high-end collection of exquisite finished watches from around 160 exhibitors. Time Industrial Manufactory Limited from Hong Kong presents TIMEIN/8163L (Floral Lace). The elegant watch comprises the element of 3D multi-layer paper-cut flowers and lace, with a full perspective visual design and flower-shaped surface, representing the gentle and graceful nature of women.

2019年7月30日 – 香港贸易发展局(香港贸发局)主办的香港钟表展,以及同期举行的「国际名表荟萃」将于2019年9月3至7日,一连五日在香港会议展览中心隆重举行。作为全球最大型的钟表展,今年预期吸引23国家及地区,超过840家参展商,当中包括新参展的卡塔尔展商。2018年钟表展吸引逾21,000名国际买家进场采购,引证香港作为全球钟表贸易之都的地位。

Other exhibiting categories consist of “Complete Watches”, “Clocks”, “Machinery & Equipment”, “OEM Smart Watches”, “Packaging”, “Parts & Components” and “Trade Services”.

钟表展其他展区包括「成表」、「时钟」、「机械及设备」、「智能手表 (原件制造)」、「包装用品」、「配件及零件」以及「商贸服务」,方便买家采购。

Glamorous Timepieces at “Salon de TE”

“Salon de TE” gathers around 140 prestigious watch brands and designer collections in five themed zones. World Brand Piazza being the spotlight features limited editions and rare timepieces from 13 international renowned brands. The brands on display in 2019 included Blancpain, Breguet, Chopard, CORUM, FRANCK MULLER, Glashütte Original, Jacob & Co., Jaquet Droz, Juvenia, PARMIGIANI FLEURIER, Piaget, SARCAR Genève and ZENITH


「国际名表荟萃」搜罗卓越钟表品牌及设计师系列,分成五大主题专区,云集约140个知名品牌。World Brand Piazza为一大亮点,展出13个国际尊贵品牌的限量版及珍罕名表。2019年参展品牌包括宝珀(Blancpain)、宝玑(Breguet)、萧邦(Chopard)、昆仑表(CORUM)、FRANCK MULLER、格拉苏蒂 原创(Glashütte Original)、杰克宝(Jacob & Co.)、雅克德罗(Jaquet Droz)、尊皇(Juvenia)、帕玛强尼(PARMIGIANI FLEURIER)、伯爵(Piaget)、豪门世家(SARCAR Genève)和真力时(ZENITH)。

Chic & Trendy features trend-setters and fashion-driven watches, including a’-tek (Germany), CEMEO (Hong Kong), DAUMIER (Switzerland), Van Gogh (the Netherland), Florian (Hong Kong) and Le Jour (Europe). DAUMIER from Switzerland launches the JUSTICE LEAGUE Wristwatch Collection. The design is originated from the 6 superheroes of DC Comics, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. It is a unique collection with only 333 pieces of each design worldwide.

「潮流时尚」展区云集炙手可热的潮流及时尚腕表品牌,包括a’-tek (德国)、CEMEO (香港)、DAUMIER (瑞士)、Van Gogh (荷兰) 、Florian (香港),以及 Le Jour (欧洲) 等。瑞士品牌DAUMIER推出《正义联盟》系列手表。设计理念围绕6位《正义联盟》超级英雄: 蝙蝠侠、超人、神奇女侠、水行侠、闪电侠及钢骨。各款手表更全球限量生产333件,更显尊贵独特。

Craft Treasure is the home to mechanical timepieces and jewellery-laden watches of impeccable craftsmanship from brands such as FIYTA (Mainland China), Fouetté (Hong Kong), Memorigin (Hong Kong) and Ogival (Switzerland). Memorigin from Hong Kong brings the Harmony of Dragon and Phoenix Collection which is a merge of the marvellous oriental sculpture and western top art of watchmaking. A Japan Akoya pearl is embedded at the 8 o’clock position. With the pearl hollowed out and filled with tubes, the pearl can sustain brightness for close to 40 years. Together with the 18K gold dragon, the scene of the dragon spitting out the pearl for refinement (龍吐珠) is delicately showcased. The Phoenix is engraved on a layer which is 0.5mm above the dial, creating a vivid picture of it flying in the sky.

「巧匠瑰宝」展区展示机械腕表及完美无瑕的珠宝腕表工艺,参展品牌包括FIYTA (中国内地)、Fouetté (香港)、万希泉(香港)及Ogival (瑞士)等。香港品牌万希泉结合富有中华文化特色的传统雕刻工艺及西方顶尖的陀飞轮制表技术,创作出「龙鳯呈祥」系列腕表。手表的8时位置镶嵌了一颗可在漆黒中持续发光40年的日本阿古屋珍珠,配合18K金立体「金龙」,令「龙吐珠」活灵活现地展示眼前。而于中心盘旋的「火鳯」镶嵌于离表面半毫米的位置,呈现出在空中飞翔的景象。